About Lyte for Men

Lyte for Men is the brother to Lyte Laser Clinic.   Opening its doors in 2004 Lyte had  one goal – to focus only on the delivery of quality light based treatments. In doing so it became the first clinic in Adelaide to focus solely on the provision of light therapy rather than incorporating beauty therapy and other services.

The Clinic remains the best equipped laser clinic in Adelaide, boasting 8 different types of laser and IPL machines amongst its resources. This bank of machinery represents gold standard in laser and IPL equipment available today and is constantly being reviewed and added to.

Men’s needs are often quite different from women’s and to meet these, Lyte for Men has developed specialized programmes to deal with them. From pain free skin rejuvenation and acne treatments to gold standard hair removal.

The fully trained male therapists therapists at Lyte for Men have the experience and resources to deal with almost any condition that responds to light treatments.